AmOne Personal Loans

AmOne is an online lending service company that connects borrowers with potential lenders. It is a free service that has made the process of borrowing easy and simple. The company has a wide network of lenders and a dedicated AmOne loan matching specialist, who would assist you in finding the best loan option.

Customer needs vary from time to time, so whether you are looking for a personal loan, debt consolidation loan, small business loan, start-up business loan or an unsecured loan, with AmOne you are sure to find safe and reliable options.

AmOne personal loans for debt consolidation

One of the most common purpose of a personal loan is to consolidate other debts and bring them together. Doing so would not only stop you from paying several payments, but may also bring your interest rate down. AmOne assists in borrowing anywhere from $1,000 to $500,000, depending on the type of loan. The APR ranges from 6% to 35% for a borrower with a moderate credit score.


Customers can compare their existing interest rates and switch to a different lender if they find lower rates. All you need to do is submit your personal information and make a loan request on AmOne’s official website. You will then get a list of various lenders with their rates and fees. This service is totally free of charge, so there is no harm in comparing with different lenders and then taking an informed decision.

AmOne Contact Details

AmOne loan specialists are available Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM and Saturdays rom 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Eastern time on 1-800-781-5187. In order to get options and get connected to a lender, you need to fill out some basic information on their website . This will open various lender options.

You can also write to them at the following address:

AmOne Corp.
12270 SW 3rd Street, Suite #400
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33325

Credit Score Requirements

AmOne has not stated any minimum credit required in order to be eligible for a loan. However, the company claims that it welcomes people with all credit scores. This seems to bring some good news for those with poor credit, who may not qualify elsewhere for a loan. AmOne being an online lending service company does not guarantee a fixed interest rate but would try its level best to connect you with a lender.

The final APR and loan terms depend solely on the credit score of the borrower. Online reviews state that AmOne has been of great help to those with subprime credit and has given them a chance to not only lower down their existing rates but also help improve their credit scores. Making on-time monthly payments automatically boosts your credit ratings.

Final Words on AmOne

AmOne is definitely going to help you find the right loan as they are not direct lenders. Being in the industry for almost 14 years, they are sure to get you connected to a lender. Although AmOne does not charge any fees, the lender might have its own separate charges. AmOne receives a referral fee from the lender and it is quite possible that the lender may charge you for this.

Therefore, AmOne services should be used only if you have no idea on how to get an online loan and also have a bad credit. If you do not qualify for a loan easily, AmOne officials would help you get connected to several lenders. However, doing a thorough research before approaching any lender is always advisable.

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