Need some extra cash to make home repair or to pay down high interest debts? A low rate personal loan from a reliable lender like Bank of America is a convenient way to meet your needs. Being the second largest bank holding company in the U.S. by assets, Bank of America provides a full range of consumer and corporate banking, wealth management, finance and insurance, investment banking, private banking, credit cards, investment banking and mortgage loans.

BofA headquarters are located in Charlotte, North Carolina, and it operates around 16,300 ATMs, 5,100 banking centers, call centers, and mobile and online banking services. Consumer Real Estate Services section of Bank of America offers real estate products such as fixed and adjustable rate first-lien mortgages for home purchase and refinancing needs, home equity loans, and home equity lines of credit.

Personal Lending from Bank of America

You can obtain a variety of personal loans from the bank provided you have a good credit history and a reliable source of income. However, people with bad credit rating may also qualify for personal loans at affordable rates from the bank. Bad credit borrowers can get competitive rates on their loans by offering collateral against the loan amounts. They may find it hard to qualify for unsecured loans, and even if they qualify, interest rates on their loans will be higher than those of good credit borrowers. Some personal lending options offered by Bank of America are:

Auto Loans

Whether you are looking to buy a brand new or a used vehicle, BofA offers auto loans that come with a number of benefits. You can easily finance your car with a low rate auto loan having flexible repayment terms and conditions. When you obtain an auto loan from the bank, you enjoy the following benefits:

  • Competitive rates
  • A 0.5% rate discount on auto purchase or refinance loan for BofA personal checking customers
  • Fast access to funds (in as little as 24 hours)
  • Online payment tools and auto loan calculators
  • Dealer network that can help streamline the purchasing process

Home Equity Line of Credit

Your home opens the door to a number of possibilities. Use the equity of your existing home to secure a home equity line of credit from Bank of America and get instant access to funds whenever you need it. Use your credit line to complete a home renovation project, plan a vacation, make a major purchase, consolidate debt, or pay your child’s tuition. Basic features of this line of credit include:

  • 875% variable APR
  • Minimum line amount of $25,000
  • Maximum line amount of $500,000 (for primary residence) and $100,000 (for second/vacation home)
  • A 10-year draw period followed by a 20-year repayment period.

Home Equity Loan

This is a fixed rate loan that you can obtain by providing your home’s equity as collateral. It allows you to get the entire loan amount all at once. As you borrow a one-time lump sum, this loan is convenient for large expenses and debt consolidation. Some basic features of Bank of America home equity loan are:

  • Fixed interest rate with fixed monthly principal and interest payments
  • Fixed loan term ranging from 3 to 25 years
  • Minimum line amount of $25,000
  • Maximum line amount of $500,000 (for primary residence) and $100,000 (for second/vacation home).

Types of Personal Loans and Ways to Get the Best Deals

Personal loans can be classified into two types: secured and unsecured. To obtain a secured loan, you need to provide a collateral such as your home, car, savings account, or Certificate of Deposits. Providing collateral allows you to get lower interest rates and better loan terms. Unlike secured loans, you are not required to provide any collateral to get unsecured personal loans. Approval for the loan mostly depends on your credit score and income status. The banks generally charge higher interest rates for unsecured loans. You can follow some simple steps to get the best deals when applying for personal loans:

  • Shop around, check customer review, and compare rates and terms of various lenders
  • Check your current credit score and fix any discrepancies before making your loan application
  • Understand your repayments terms and look out for hidden fees and charges
  • Provide collateral if possible to get lower rate and better repayment terms
  • Make your repayment on time and maintain your budget.

For further information, visit your nearest Bank of America branch or call a loan officer with your questions at 1.800.763.2053.


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2 thoughts on “Bank of America Personal Loans – Lending Solutions for All”

  1. These days, most of the well-known financial institutions offer unsecured personal loans to borrowers with not so good credit score. It is important for you to understand that if your credit score is below 500 and you have no access to cash or regular income, it may become difficult for you to qualify for a personal loan from most financial institutions. It will be convenient for you if you are able to improve your credit score to somewhere above 700. An effective way to improve your credit score is to make sure that all your bills are paid in full and on time. If you have some kind of debt, make dedicated efforts to pay off your debt to improve your credit score.

  2. Bank of America is one of the leading financial organizations in the country that survived many financial crisis and the recession. The bank ceased to provide bad credit loans after the credit crisis and one of its main reasons was that they acquired many lenders that had several bad credit loans on their books. As a result, borrowers who were loyal to the bank had to look for alternative options from other financial institutions. Many people hinted that Bank of America might start offering bad credit personal loans in future, but I never saw officially by the bank.

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