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People often wonder whether Bank of America offers personal loans, and if it does then who are eligible to qualify for the same. The question is not easy to answer. It is not difficult to find out why. Large banks tend to play safe by not allowing people to apply for an unsecured personal loan. The trend can be seen across all major banks in the US. There are very few online resources that can guide borrowers to seek personal loan from a big bank like Bank of America. Read on to know your options.

Myths and realities surrounding personal loan

Financing Unsecured Personal Loans are a risky business for lending institutions. When it is easy for the banks to generate good revenue with high-interest credit cards, they generally do not subscribe to the idea of sub prime lending. Smaller banks or those with a strong regional presence often perform better than banks with a national outlook when it comes to generate revenue with an unsecured personal loan.

Under the light these bland facts, it can safely be assumed that getting a personal loan is certainly an uphill task, if not impossible. For people with bad credit, it is next to impossible to fulfill the requirements of such loans from BOA. The customers of former Countrywide Financial, which is now operated by BofA under Home Loans Servicing LP might apply for a sub prime lending solution. However, they need to check with their servicing branch before proceeding further.

Is it possible to get a personal loan from Bank of America?

The simple answer is “Yes”, if the borrower does not feel the urgent need for an unsecured loan. For those with an unsecured lending requirement, Bank of America is probably not the answer. Under the secured personal loan category, Bank of America offers an array of lending solutions. These loans must be backed by suitable collateral, such as a home, car or anything of value. Here are some options you might consider in this regard:-

Home Equity Loans

These loans are offered against the equity you have in a real estate property. The application process is simple and you are also assisted by the helpful BoA staff. You can even apply online or by phone. Interest rates tend to be lower than many other forms of loans, and payment terms are also manageable.

Vehicle Loans

Banks of America offer two options for an auto loan. You can either lease a vehicle or go for auto financing. Your option is also determined by the terms of dealership you choose to buy a car. Leasing is often tempting as it comes with low interest rate and simplified payments. However, it may prove unmanageable in the long run as the borrower needs to return the vehicle or pay the remaining balance at the end of the lease. There may also be additional fees associated with leasing a vehicle.

Credit Cards

These are the best option to meet day-to-day expenses and Bank of America has a simplified application procedure for those who have a good credit score. The only drawback is that they come with a very high interest rate. With a rather disciplined lifestyle and a responsible use of the card, you can overcome the financial risk associated a credit card.

Last but not the least, don’t forget to use a calculator and determine how affordable it is for you to borrow from Bank of America. Using a debt-to-income ratio is often a good idea to start with. As a guideline, you are strongly advised to keep all your debt liabilities below 30 percent of gross income. Also check the current interest rates and APR to ensure the feasibility of such borrowing solutions.

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  1. These days, most of the well-known financial institutions offer unsecured personal loans to borrowers with not so good credit score. It is important for you to understand that if your credit score is below 500 and you have no access to cash or regular income, it may become difficult for you to qualify for a personal loan from most financial institutions. It will be convenient for you if you are able to improve your credit score to somewhere above 700. An effective way to improve your credit score is to make sure that all your bills are paid in full and on time. If you have some kind of debt, make dedicated efforts to pay off your debt to improve your credit score.

  2. Bank of America is one of the leading financial organizations in the country that survived many financial crisis and the recession. The bank ceased to provide bad credit loans after the credit crisis and one of its main reasons was that they acquired many lenders that had several bad credit loans on their books. As a result, borrowers who were loyal to the bank had to look for alternative options from other financial institutions. Many people hinted that Bank of America might start offering bad credit personal loans in future, but I never saw officially by the bank.

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