Does PlainsCapital Bank offer Personal Loans?

A large number of banks and credit unions are more than willing to help you when you need some urgent cash to meet unexpected expenses or pay off pending bills. If you are a resident of Texas, PlainsCapital Bank is a good place to get a lending solution that will help you cover your expenses.

PlainsCapital Bank is a subsidiary of PlainsCapital Corporation, and it is one of the biggest independent banks based in Texas. The bank has assets of over $6 billion and it operates 34 branch offices in Austin, Fort Worth, Arlington, Dallas, San Antonio, Lubbock and Weatherford area.

The bank employs around 1400 people and it provides a wide range of retail and commercial banking products and services to thousands of clients.


Loans for You

Yes, PlainsCapital provides personal loans to help its customers to meet their financial goals. It is available at competitive rates and flexible terms, allowing you to fulfill your financial obligations without much trouble. You can use this loan to:

  • Pay medical bills
  • Consolidate high-interest debts
  • Plan a family vacation or wedding
  • Make home renovation
  • Buy a used or new car or recreational vehicle
  • Pay your child’s college education

Types of Personal Loans

Before you apply for any loan term, you need to understand that Personal Loans are of two types – secured and unsecured.

When you apply for a secured personal loan, you need to provide some kind of valuable asset as collateral against the loan amount. Interest rate is normally lower with secured loan as you are providing collateral. Your savings account or Certificate of Deposits can be placed as collateral.

On the other hand, you are not required to place any collateral to get an unsecured loan. Your credit rating plays a big role in getting approval for an unsecured loan.

Moreover, the interest rate is also higher in case of unsecured loan as you are not offering any collateral and there is a risk for the lender if you are not able to make timely repayments. However, if you have good-to-excellent credit score, you may be able to get a competitive rate from a number of other lenders.

Personal Line of Credit

If you need instant access to funds from time to time, a personal line of credit is the best option for you. You can get cash when you need it with a personal line of credit from PlainsCapital Bank. You can use the funds to cover medical expenses, make home repair, or pay utility bills.

PlainsCapital’s line of credit offers competitive interest rate and no annual fee or any service charge. Once your application gets approved, you can enjoy access to a revolving line of credit of up to $10,000. 

Mortgages and Home Improvement Loans

PrimeLending, a wholly owned subsidiary of PlainsCapital, offers you a complete range of mortgages to choose from. It is a mortgage originator based in Dallas and it offers fixed rate, adjustable rate, VA, FHA, Jumbo loans, USDA mortgage as well as refinancing programs.

Whether you want a condo or a single-family home, the company will help you get the best mortgage that suits your needs. PlainsCapital also offers home improvement and interim construction loans if you are thinking to remodel your existing home or build a new one.

To apply for personal loans, call 866.762.8392 and speak with a bank representative or stop by your nearest branch location.

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