Santander Bank Line of Credit

A Personal Line of Credit from Santander Bank is all you need to accomplish your financial goals. Whether you want to make some home repairs, plan a vacation at some exotic destination, cover medical expenses or pay college education, a Personal Line of Credit can help you fulfill your dreams.

Furthermore unlike the personal loan, borrowers can use a line of credit as frequently as they wish and pay only the interest on the amount that they borrowed.

Benefits of Personal Line of Credit

A personal line of credit from Santander Bank allows a borrower to borrow from $5000 up to $25,000 without any requirement of collateral against the loan amount. It offers the flexibility to get fast access to funds for various types of needs.


Some benefits and additional features of a personal line of credit are as follows.

  • Competitive variable rates
  • Ability to re-use the line of credit as a borrower pays the balance
  • Fast access to line of credit by using online account transfers or checks
  • Discount in interest rate when a borrower have his repayments automatically deducted from any checking account with Santander Bank.

Santander Line of Credit Eligibility & Requirements

There are certain criteria that a borrower has to follow when applying for a personal line of credit.

For example, to get a Personal Line of Credit from Santander Bank, a borrower must reside in Massachusetts, Richmond, Connecticut, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware, Maine, Vermont or Washington D.C.

A borrower must have or open a Santander Bank checking account and must use automatic payment from that particular account.

A borrower must meet the highest credit standards of the bank to get competitive rates. Higher interest rates may be offered to applicants who do not meet the credit standards.

The amount of annual fee charged on a line account shall vary depending on the type of deposit account one have with the bank when the fee is assessed. The annual fee is waived for those borrowers who maintain a Santander Premier account.

The minimum credit line amount is $5000 and the maximum amount is $25000.

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