State Farm Credit Union Personal Loans

It offers personal loans and lines of credit to its members to fulfill their financial goals. A personal loan is an ideal option for expenses such as minor home improvements, tax payments, medical bills and debt consolidation. That being said, there are certain things to consider as you begin your personal loan search.

As a personal loan term from State Farm comes with fixed payment schedule over a set period of time, you no longer have to worry about any fluctuation in your repayment amount. A member can borrow up to $50,000 subject to their credit score and income status. Maximum repayment period offered to the borrowers is 60 months during which, you can establish or re-establish your credit by making timely repayments.

How to qualify?

Having some prior knowledge regarding the loan requirements and the application process can fasten your loan approval process. To get a personal loan from State Farm, you must be a SFFCU member and qualify according to present credit union guidelines. You can choose from a range of loan options that fit your financial needs. To avoid missing a payment, you can deduct monthly repayments from your paycheck. You can further protect your loan through the Member Protection Program (MPP) offered by State Farm.


Share Secured Loan

Another convenient personal finance option is the share secured loan. If you have good credit status, the credit union allows you to borrow against up to 100% of your available State Farm Federal Credit Union shares. There is minimal underwriting requirement in this type of loan and the approval process is also quite fast.

Personal Lines of Credit

The interesting thing about a personal line of credit is the flexibility to request fund as you need it. As a member of the credit union, you could borrow up to $50,000. The monthly payments would be calculated based on a 60 months payment term. The future minimum advances are $500 and you can use the loan payment calculator to get a better understanding of what your monthly payments would be.

Getting an informed approach is the key to getting a loan term that fits your financial needs. Moreover, knowing how much you will have to pay every month will help you choose the loan you can afford. You can visit the loan calculator page of the official website of the bank and enter the loan term, rate, and the loan amount to calculate your monthly repayments.

You can also call 888-521-5209 to speak with a representative of the credit union and get more detailed information.

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